Meaning of masculinization in English:



(also British masculinisation)

See masculinize

‘If you see this, you are very likely to see change in every other aspect of masculinisation as well.’
  • ‘Patients usually retain normal secondary sexual characteristics and rarely exhibit virilizing signs such as deepening of the voice, temporal balding or masculinization of body habitus.’
  • ‘This androgen exposure causes partial to complete masculinization of the external genitalia in utero, and the masculinized genitalia in the newborn female typically lead to diagnosis within days of birth.’
  • ‘Demographers, doctors, and politicians alike blamed moral decay and declining birthrates on the masculinization of women, women working outside the home, and women's economic independence.’
  • ‘In utero, female fetuses exposed to excess androgens show masculinization and ambiguous genitalia at birth while male fetuses appear normal.’