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  • 1 informal A mixture or fusion of disparate elements.

    • ‘the film becomes a weird mash-up of 1950s western and 1970s TV cop show’
    • ‘Eating in the 21st century is part travel, part cultural mash-up.’
    • ‘Poetic License, Erika Batdorf's one-woman mash-up of dance and monologue, begins with such a wonderful opening half-hour that it feels surly to complain about the rest.’
    • ‘The forthcoming novel is the first mainstream "mash-up" of Austen and horror, two of the most popular film genres of the past decade.’
    • ‘Burton has forsaken the Alice narrative for a postmodern mash-up, but his hallucinogenic humour stays true to the original’
    • ‘Another genre exercise, Roy Colt and Winchester Jack plays like a mash up of Gunsmoke and The Dukes of Hazzard.’
    • ‘By the luck of the draw, or maybe the opposite, she has been assigned another celebrity mash-up.’
    • ‘But that makes sense when your reigning ethical theory is some weird mash up of utilitarianism and consequentialism, with a dash of fundamentalism for coloring.’
    • ‘A fabulous mashup of art and public opinion.’
    • ‘The film is a mash-up of complex, old school conspiracy thrillers like The Parallax View and slicker contemporary fare like Enemy of the State.’
    • ‘Bebop hangs much of its hip attitude on presenting a mash-up of American movie genres and cultural fragments in general.’
    • ‘The very thing that aesthetes complain about, the wild mash-up of comic books with other products, becomes one of the strengths of the show.’
    • ‘They assume that what's to come will be a perfect mashup of what they think was good about the old and what they think is good about the new.’
    • ‘New York writer Ben Greenman has created a new twist on the literary mashup with Celebrity Chekhov, his adaptation of Russian master Anton Chekhov's short stories.’
    • ‘So when Quirk books announced their mashup of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in early 2009, I, like the rest of the Internet, was ecstatic.’
    • ‘In fact, the town of Arcadia where we stayed was an interesting mashup of chain restaurants galore and "real" homegrown businesses in downtown.’
    • ‘So when Quirk books announced their mashup of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in early 2009, I, like the rest of the Internet, was ecstatic.’
    • ‘In fact, the town of Arcadia where we stayed was an interesting mashup of chain restaurants galore and "real" homegrown businesses in downtown.’
    • ‘The unnamed alpine-dwelling species of the butterfly genus Lycaeide appears to be a genetic mashup of two known species - Lycaeides melissa and Lycaeides idas - according to a new study.’
    1. 1.1A musical track comprising the vocals of one recording placed over the instrumental backing of another.
      ‘a classic dancefloor mash-up’
      • ‘Even something like mash-ups, where people take two pop songs and blend them together, can be seen as a kind of exercise in constrained creativity.’
      • ‘That's why mash-ups, named after hip-hop mixes of two or more songs, are starting to rock.’
      • ‘It spent nearly three years trying to clear the rights to all the records it intended to use on a mash-ups album.’
      • ‘People loved mash-ups because when you put two old songs together, you get a third song.’
      • ‘Whereas most mash-ups are simple remixes that DJs have been doing for decades, this DJ is doing something fresh here, taking the art of the remix to a whole new level.’
      • ‘But the pressure is there: sites offering mash-ups come and go, often because web servers shut them down for fear of hosting bait for litigious record labels.’
      • ‘The site doesn't have a good search tool yet, but it's a tremendous start on something much needed-and probably soon to be the basis for some cool mash-ups!’
      • ‘The main reason why these mash-ups work in the first place, though, is that they aren't the focal point of the mix.’
      • ‘The result is certainly interesting - a high-end mash-up.’
      • ‘Now we come to the culture of the remix taken to its ultimate end: the mash-up.’
      • ‘In between all this there's still time to pay respect to world fusion and the usual beaty mash-ups that we've come to expect from our Scanadinavian friends.’
      • ‘Being a hybrid maker off and on over the years, I'm very comfortable with the idea and have been the subject of quite a few pretty good mash-ups myself.’
      • ‘I have a suspicion that in this world of mash-ups and super smart musical collages, we're going to see a lot more stuff like this, or at least a lot more stuff that's trying to be like this…’
      • ‘I would however, find that starting from a blank slate is far, far too much effort - and would end up resorting to bootlegging / mash-ups etc.’
      • ‘Mixing records isn't making music, and any DJ who thinks mash-ups or whatever is making music is simply kidding themselves.’
      • ‘In addition, you can sample portions of these songs for use in your own compositions, whether they are mash-ups for your friends, or a commercial release.’
      • ‘We've been doing bootlegs / mash-ups for a few years now.’
      • ‘No matter what your opinion of it, however, it's still worth checking out for the moments when the mash-ups really do work.’
      • ‘Much of this stems from the loose, funky feel and scatty genre mash-ups.’
      • ‘This poignant and fun feature will show you how, in just four days, they created, rehearsed, recorded and ultimately performed the songs that make up the ultimate mash-up album.’
    2. 1.2Computing A web page or application created by combining data or functionality from different sources.
      ‘a mash-up which mixes BBC news with links to Wikipedia articles’
      • ‘I feel like I've stumbled into the newest hybrid, the blog mash-up, a combination listening post/fanzine/music criticism/record store.’
      • ‘They could extract information such as age and location of the commenters in this thread to do some interesting mash-ups showing supporter distribution by age and state.’
      • ‘Here is a terrific mash-up opportunity that you'd think would have been written back when gas was $2 per gallon.’
      • ‘Here's a critique of a recent Web 2.0 mash-up for those who like to analyze tech from a social-consequences perspective.’
      • ‘The content uploading appears to rely only on Microsoft technology, a mash-up of Active-X and Sharepoint.’
      • ‘Another option is to combine free online services to create "mash-ups" of multiple data sources, although this may require some technical nous.’
      • ‘The first mash-ups were map-based, and it's led to an over-reliance on location for data-driven projects.’
      • ‘He points to really useful services built with mash-ups of separate councils' services, such as’
      • ‘"The mashup can be linked to 911 calls, to tell emergency services what kind of building they are walking into," he said.’
      • ‘The longest stretch I do now is 10 km, which turned out to be the distance of my Jericho Beach run once I mapped it with this cool Google Maps mashup.’
      • ‘Selena told me about, a Google Maps mashup which enables you to find sales and lettings information for properties anywhere in the country.’
      • ‘It seems like someone could do a mashup of Wikipedia, a dictionary, and a little other online content and have a pretty popular site.’
      • ‘Demand Media is in the process of doing a mashup between domain parking and social networking that is nothing if not devilishly brilliant.’
      • ‘Google is also introducing a "mashup" service today that will enable Internet users to import Street View panoramas from particular streets or neighborhoods to their own websites or blogs.’
      • ‘What Earth Album does is take these two giant internet properties and link them together in what's called a mashup.’
      • ‘It's no accident Google Maps was the first widely used mashup API.’
      • ‘For example, you could write a google maps mashup for finding local businesses that uses an identicon for each business type.’
      • ‘You can see all of the candidates campaign appearances in a Google Maps mashup and even download their calendar.’
      • ‘Watch edits to the English Wikipedia happen almost real-time on a map with Wikipediavision, a neat dynamically-updating Google Maps mashup.’