Meaning of masjid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌsdʒɪd/


  • A mosque.

    ‘‘In this pilgrimage-based show, we feature old and historic temples, churches, gurdwaras and masjids,’ he says.’
    • ‘Their mosques are known as masjids and not by any other name like temple, church or synagogues.’
    • ‘They are allowed to eat also inside the masjid, but if it is not convenient, they may go outside and come back as soon as they finish.’
    • ‘I have grown up in a family that kneels in the church, bows its head at the masjid and folds its hands in prayer at the temple.’
    • ‘According to the Professor, there is no acceptable proof that the masjid had been built at the site of a Hindu temple.’


Arabic, ‘place of worship or prostration in prayer’, probably ultimately of Aramaic origin.