Meaning of maskinonge in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmaskɪnɒn(d)ʒ/


another term for muskellunge
‘Although it has value as a game fish, it is outclassed by a far larger member of the genus, the muskellunge (maskinonge in Canada), E. masquinongy, of which the principal subspecies inhabits the Great Lakes region.’
  • ‘The author has fished this river for some twenty-five years and has caught about twenty-five maskinonge in that time.’
  • ‘Peter caught a maskinonge several pounds heavier than David's, and for a little while relations between them were very strained in consequence.’
  • ‘The Maskinonge is usually found lying concealed among aquatic plants at the sides of channels, or off shelving rocks in medium sized lakes and in rivers in summer and moves into shallow waters in the fall.’
  • ‘In Georgian Bay every year trophy maskinonge, northern pike and Yellow pickerel are caught year after year.’