Meaning of Masonite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmeɪsənʌɪt/

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mass noun Trademark ; North American
  • Fibreboard made from wood fibre pulped under steam at high pressure.

    as modifier ‘quality Masonite boards’
    • ‘Working often on Masonite or other board, and occasionally even on cardboard when he lacked funds, he would lay down a warm, dark tone, sometimes simply a coat of shellac, on which to paint.’
    • ‘Since the shelves would have to support a good amount of weight, I cut Masonite rather than foam board to fit tightly into them.’
    • ‘Now, each student used their transparency to project onto their prepared Masonite panel.’
    • ‘For the past few years, my students have used Masonite panels for the execution of their projects.’
    • ‘If the scales are not level with each other, use plywood or some other material, such as aluminum or Masonite, and shim them until all four scales are level.’


1920s from the name of the MasonFibre Co., Mississippi, US, + -ite.