Meaning of masoor in English:



(also masoor dal)
  • A lentil of a small orange-red variety.

    ‘The most popular of these are dried, split mung beans (moong dal) and dried black gram beans (urad dal); the yellow split pea (channa dal); and small, pinkish-red lentils (masoor dal) that turn pale yellow when cooked.’
    • ‘Still, those who do go there to savour the ‘best of Parsi cuisine’ - showcased in dishes such as akoori, patra-ni-machhi, sali boti and sali murghi, curry rice, dhandal patio, cutlets, and masoor - get to dine, and dance as well.’
    • ‘Masoor may be substituted with any other whole lentils of your choice.’
    • ‘The first name indicates the type of lentils used, so masoor dhal refers to red lentils.’
    • ‘Wash and boil the masoor dal adding a pinch of turmeric.’



/mʌˈsʊə/ /mʌˈsɔː/


From Hindi masūr.