Meaning of Masoretic in English:


Pronunciation /masəˈrɛtɪk/


(also Massoretic)

See Masorete

‘His reading of this verse as ‘In the beginning of God's creation of the heaven and the earth’ is not consistent with the Masoretic form of the second word, here translated as ‘creation.’’
  • ‘Because of the loss of part of the Codex it was necessary to refer to another early Masoretic manuscript, specifically the Leningrad Codex.’
  • ‘Both texts bear close resemblance to the Masoretic text (which was translated from 895-1000 A.D.) which is the standard text used today for all Hebrew Bible translations.’
  • ‘His published scholarship in the fields of Hebrew grammar and Masoretic studies will continue to influence them in the foreseeable future.’
  • ‘Many Catalan Bibles have decorated tables at the beginning with the Masoretic lists, the precepts, calendars, or other material.’