Meaning of mass communication in English:

mass communication


mass noun
  • The imparting or exchanging of information on a large scale to a wide range of people.

    ‘that modern miracle of mass communication—the telephone’
    • ‘the development of electronic mass communication extended the scope of propaganda’
    • ‘With improvements in mass communication prior to World War One, the British Government had a ready-made propaganda machine to hand.’
    • ‘Thai is the national language and the medium for education and mass communication.’
    • ‘There will always be confusions and conflicts introduced not only by commercialism but also by mass communication and the electronic media.’
    • ‘Totalitarian regimes - thanks to technology and mass communications - take over control of every facet of the individual's life.’
    • ‘Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language’
    • ‘I've heard several people discuss whether posters are necessary in this age of mass communication.’
    • ‘This is the politics of emotion which is fed, inspired and manipulated by mass communications.’
    • ‘Radio, if one had the fortune to own one, was the only means of mass communications then.’
    • ‘Mass communication provides a level of access that's unparalleled at any point in our history.’
    • ‘The technology of mass communication has made the delegates into props rather than political protagonists.’
    • ‘Developments in technology may signal the end of mass communication and the rise of more personalised media.’