Meaning of mass consumption in English:

mass consumption


mass noun
  • The use or purchase of goods or services by a large number of people.

    ‘industrialization allowed for mass consumption of material goods’
    • ‘Drugs and alcohol were major players in the period and mass consumption of both is never far from the eye of the camera.’
    • ‘New department stores opened and manufactured soap and toothpaste became articles of mass consumption.’
    • ‘This is yet another pop group that's been manipulated and engineered for mass consumption.’
    • ‘This approach may be scalable in some contexts, but it was not specifically intended for mass consumption.’
    • ‘They mastered the fine art of inventing valuable and durable products for mass consumption.’
    • ‘We must end the mass consumption of these lagers which are cheaply available at off-licences across the country.’
    • ‘It's only now that the medical profession is fully realising the impact of our mass consumption of refined foods and additives.’
    • ‘Although not intended for mass consumption, it is rich with detail on the 1930s and 1940s.’
    • ‘News is designed for mass consumption, hence the media must employ a relatively simple vocabulary.’
    • ‘It was made for mass consumption, accessible to both sexes of all ages.’