Meaning of mass media in English:

mass media

Pronunciation /ˌmas ˈmiːdɪə/

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plural noun

treated as singular or plural the mass media
  • The main means of mass communication, such as broadcasting, publishing, and the internet, considered collectively.

    ‘criminal activity has received heavy coverage in the mass media’
    • ‘What's different is that it is so often driven by the mass media and by marketing.’
    • ‘To bridge this divide, parties will have to rely far more on the mass media to communicate their stand.’
    • ‘More typically, researchers will opt for one or possibly two of the mass media and may sample within that type or types.’
    • ‘People need to know how to produce effective leaflets and web pages and how to approach the mass media.’
    • ‘As a result, she was in the spotlight of the mass media, as a promising singer and social feminist.’
    • ‘Did the collaboration with the mass media affect the independence of your thinking?’
    • ‘In the twentieth century, many radical intellectuals embraced the mass media.’
    • ‘In addition, he said that members of the mass media would not be allowed to enter.’
    • ‘In Britain and America a burgeoning youth culture had begun to infect the mass media.’
    • ‘There is a vast hunger for information and the mass media with which to deliver it.’
    • ‘No matter what the mass media says, at a certain time people come up against the truth.’
    • ‘I've written for specialist cinephile and academic journals and for the mass media.’
    • ‘Such leaks have been standard fare in parliamentary politics and the mass media for decades.’
    • ‘The examples are taken from different sources, including the mass media.’
    • ‘They are taught in schools and colleges, and through the mass media, such as newspapers and television.’
    • ‘This process has been reinforced by the increasing monopolization of the mass media.’
    • ‘We accept his evidence that he used the internet to find material relating to music, football and the mass media.’
    • ‘From its earliest days, the mass media played an important role in the popular perception of the detective.’
    • ‘Acceptance of the mass media entails a shift in our notion of what culture is.’
    • ‘While the mass media focus is usually on one place at a time, the protests are often in many places simultaneously.’


1920s from mass + media.