Meaning of mass screening in English:

mass screening


mass noun
  • The testing of a large group of people for the presence of a disease or other condition.

    ‘the government says mass screening is needed to plan long-term care’
    • ‘A public health policy of mass screening for ovarian cancer may not prove feasible for several reasons.’
    • ‘One cardiac specialist believes mass screening for children involved in competitive school sports could be introduced.’
    • ‘A respiratory physician calls for mass screening of asbestos victims.’
    • ‘There is no mass screening of players.’
    • ‘Mass screening of men with asthma in and around Bolton has been carried out.’
    • ‘We performed a radiographic examination of heavy smokers identified as belonging to a high-risk group during mass screening for lung cancer.’
    • ‘Mass screening of air and rail passengers has been introduced in China.’
    • ‘Prison officials say the mass screening of condemned inmates will help identify inmates who qualify for extra help in their daily lives.’
    • ‘The per-test cost would be affordable for mass screening in developing countries.’
    • ‘Mass screening for lung cancer has just recently been introduced nationwide.’