Meaning of mass spectrograph in English:

mass spectrograph


  • A mass spectrometer in which the particles are detected photographically.

    ‘Infrared spectra and mass spectrographs of organic compounds are typically very detailed, offering a unique ‘fingerprint’ that can be used to identify the presence of the compound.’
    • ‘Within two decades of inventing the mass spectrograph, he succeeded in identifying 212 of the 281 naturally occurring isotopes of all the elements.’
    • ‘A clear additional line on the photographic plate from the mass spectrograph indicated an enrichment of Pb - 207 that could only mean the occurrence of another uranium-lead decay pathway - the so-called actinium series.’
    • ‘When test results of a gasoline sample produce significant variance, the sample is forwarded to an off-site laboratory for a complete mass spectrograph analysis.’
    • ‘It wasn't until a couple of weeks later that he realized he was part of the project to build an atomic bomb, developing equipment to separate U235 from U238 by mass spectrograph.’