Meaning of massage oil in English:

massage oil


mass noun
  • Oil used when massaging a person's body.

    ‘scented massage oil’
    • ‘Do a daily self-massage with a herbal or aromatherapy massage oil.’
    • ‘I will then rub jasmine-scented massage oil on your feet.’
    • ‘My husband rubbed my lower back with a massage oil.’
    • ‘Massage oils are also great for hands and feet.’
    • ‘The therapists use high quality massage oils.’
    • ‘Usually essential oils are inhaled, but they can also be combined with massage oil and rubbed into the skin.’
    • ‘Use some aromatherapy massage oil to relax and soothe him.’
    • ‘Choose a massage oil that works for your skin type.’
    • ‘On the morning and evening you travel, apply almond or sesame massage oil to your skin.’
    • ‘Store your massage oils in dark bottles in a cool dry place.’