Meaning of massage parlour in English:

massage parlour



  • 1An establishment providing massage.

    ‘Amy will be fully supervised at the club each day, leaving Rebecca time to unwind with a massage at the local massage parlour or relax on the sun terrace beside the pool with a book.’
    • ‘Munich's huge central station has almost every service imaginable on the premises from a hotel to a beauty salon / massage parlor.’
    • ‘My first week's highlight was a visit to a massage parlour.’
    • ‘Travellers can go to a club which contains a bowling alley, hot spring, massage parlour and many other entertainment facilities.’
    • ‘There are bars, restaurants, travel agencies, Internet cafés, and even a Thai massage parlor.’
    1. 1.1 euphemistic A brothel or other place providing sexual services.
      ‘the massage parlour where the prostitute was murdered’
      • ‘His so-called Karaoke bar that he was a part owner in turned out to be fitted out as an unlicensed massage parlour / brothel.’
      • ‘She is sent back to New Zealand, enters a relationship, becomes pregnant, refuses to have an abortion, keeps her baby, works as a stripper, and in a massage parlour and then as a prostitute to increase her earnings.’
      • ‘The investigative journalist will set up a massage parlour and try to buy women from their pimps.’
      • ‘The location doesn't wander too often or too far from one locale, the massage parlour, euphemistically referred to as ‘the store.’’
      • ‘Police were yesterday looking for two men who may be able to assist them in the investigation into the massacre at an all-male massage parlour.’
      • ‘They've embezzled money from a company - I had one example of a gentleman who didn't want his wife to know that he was going to a massage parlour every Friday.’
      • ‘Considering the penchant Canadian filmmakers have for taboo sexual subjects, it was only a matter of time before a Canadian movie was set in a massage parlour.’
      • ‘A friend of ours was up on business and stayed with us for a couple of weeks recently and let slip that he had been to a massage parlour one evening.’
      • ‘There was another stop at a strip club in Missouri and, she says, some of the men planned to visit a massage parlor.’
      • ‘Phoebe's brother visits, and he thinks she works in a full-service massage parlor.’
      • ‘Business leaders are demanding urgent action to move prostitutes off the city's streets and into regulated brothels and massage parlours.’
      • ‘People who run their own bars, go go clubs, massage parlours, and whore houses all over the island also converge on the scene.’
      • ‘And I'll also be happy for there to be a regulated sex industry, with brothels and massage parlours subject to council inspection.’
      • ‘Some of them endure the most horrific working conditions in brothels and massage parlours.’
      • ‘Young people looking for love tend to flock to cities where there's no shortage of clubs, bars, and massage parlors.’
      • ‘In many part so the world escort agencies are illegal so they will market themselves under the guise of massage parlors or the like.’
      • ‘He admitted to five different affairs and countless visits to massage parlors for ‘full-body’ massages.’
      • ‘In addition to strip clubs, peep shows, and massage parlors, a large number of prostitutes walked the streets.’
      • ‘Other women work in massage parlours or as escorts offering additional services.’
      • ‘Barely concealed brothels are also there, usually disguised as massage parlours or incredibly run down bars.’
      bordello, house of ill repute, house of prostitution