Meaning of masterless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɑːstələs/


See master

‘In addition, there are photographs of the relics of the masterless samurai and the ruins of their castle in Akô.’
  • ‘The loose garments (especially the mantle) and the long hair (called ‘glibbes’) were traditional aids to thieves and masterless men.’
  • ‘Growing concern at the number of masterless men, increasing vagabondage, and escalating crime underlay the outline of terms and conditions of service between masters and servants, in an effort to reduce notorious discord.’
  • ‘We are both freelance mercenaries, masterless in all sense of the word, and we will loan our skills to anybody and anything with enough money to throw around.’
  • ‘His peers sat bruised and beaten by this masterless samurai.’