Meaning of match day in English:

match day


mainly British
  • The day on which a particular sporting fixture, especially a soccer match, takes place.

    ‘we all wear team shirts on match days’
    • ‘the club's match day programme’
    • ‘I know from experience that you don't have to be a diehard football supporter to get caught up in match day madness.’
    • ‘There is an unofficial market in stalls outside the ground on match days where people sell blue and white scarves and t-shirts.’
    • ‘On match days, it is almost impossible to park a car within the immediate vicinity of the ground.’
    • ‘On match day, if we were playing away, you would go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.’
    • ‘Tickets can be bought directly on match days.’
    • ‘Many businesses are having company lunches, allowing staff to come in early or to work late on match day, bringing in televisions to the workplace or making arrangements for flexi-time.’
    • ‘He will miss the buzz and excitement of match days, but not the ticket hassle.’
    • ‘He works as a matchday steward at the football club.’
    • ‘Residents spoke of how they felt imprisoned in their roads on big match days because they could not get out of their driveways.’
    • ‘On match days, we are among the first to be at the ground and probably the last to leave.’