Meaning of match fit in English:

match fit


  • (especially of a soccer or rugby player) having the level of physical fitness necessary to take part in a match.

    ‘you need to train to be match fit and he's not had time to do that’
    • ‘the manager is currently down to three match-fit defenders’
    • ‘you need a digital makeover to get your business match fit’
    • ‘The Dutch international faces a race against the clock to be match-fit for the start of the Premiership season.’
    • ‘He was not confident he would be match-fit in time to be selected to play in the Tests in West Indies.’
    • ‘Essex Police has a reputation of which it has every right to be proud - it is match-fit.’
    • ‘She has trained hard and played a series of tournaments and is match-fit.’
    • ‘When match-fit and sharp, that boy is among the best in the Premiership.’
    • ‘Malmo have quick and totally match-fit players, but it is important they come away with a decent result.’
    • ‘Even if these players are declared fit and selected for the team to Madrid, they will be far from match fit.’
    • ‘A couple of the new boys are not match fit yet but we really should have had more support from midfield.’
    • ‘He went on court in a track suit to tell the crowd he wasn't match fit and later on Facebook revealed he'd hurt his back.’
    • ‘He's a player that plays with a high intensity and we're getting him match fit throughout the season.’