Meaning of match up in English:

match up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Correspond or be the same.

    • ‘their stories did not match up’
  • 2match someone or something up, match up someone or somethingPut someone or something together with an appropriate or fitting person or thing.

    ‘the app does a great job of matching up people who would get along’
    • ‘the hospital already uses barcodes to match up patients with their test samples and prescriptions’
  • 3also match up to someone or somethingBe as good as or equal to someone or something.

    ‘she matches up to the challenges of the job’
    • ‘there was never any doubt that whoever succeeded him would fail to match up’
    • ‘As the guidelines have recently changed we need to make sure that our operation matches up to what is expected.’
    • ‘Sums given for flood relief have not matched up to even half of the needs of those left homeless, at risk, and without an income.’
    • ‘So it seemed that, for me, anyway, poems were going to happen rarely if they were going to match up to what I would wish them to be.’
    • ‘But how could anything match up to what are quite frankly the most enjoyable gigs we've ever been to?’
    • ‘Neil's job aspirations have not matched up to what was expected.’
    • ‘And one way to make us feel that we are lacking is by showing us images of people the majority of us do not match up to.’
    • ‘The statistics of most of the old-timers don't match up to what guys are doing today.’
    • ‘As far as pace is concerned, I don't think I have seen a single team that could match up to what we're doing.’
    • ‘No guy I've ever met has matched up to him and I doubt any guy ever will.’
    • ‘You have to go through so many filters, answer to the critics, match up to the last decent work.’