Meaning of matchbook in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmatʃbʊk/

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North American
  • A small cardboard folder of matches with a striking surface on the back.

    ‘T-shirts, shopping bags, matchbooks, baseball caps, magnets and coffee mugs soon joined her repertoire of photographic-based imagery.’
    • ‘I'll find myself standing in the aisle, weighing the purchase of some matchbooks packaged to look like they came from a Parisian brasserie.’
    • ‘A friend gave me a big bag of old matchbooks for my collection.’
    • ‘He pulled out four gigantic trays crammed with matchbooks.’
    • ‘He brought up his other hand and pulled a remaining match from the pack, turning the matchbook over and showing it to her.’
    • ‘Not knowing how to respond, her teacher gave her a forced smile and reached in one of her drawers for a matchbook.’
    • ‘A fireplace smelled of fires past and thousands of matchbooks lined the walls and filled giant glass bowls.’
    • ‘He also confiscates one of the two boxes of matches I have, telling me that only one box is allowed, although later I find a matchbook lost in the folds of my purse.’
    • ‘They'd serve you exotic treats like stuffed derma or chopped liver with sliced egg and there would be a live band and floral centerpieces and matchbooks with your friend's name on it embossed in gold.’
    • ‘It ‘is clear that advertising is not the sole function of the matchbooks as their primary function to the consumer is as a source of fire,’ the court said.’
    • ‘If anybody else wants some matchbooks or other little things just e-mail me your address and I'll send it out.’
    • ‘I never knew anybody, so contact sports were out and the cafeteria was out, so I would go down these back stairs, put a matchbook in the door, and have lunch outside.’
    • ‘I head back to the living room, undo the matchbook, strike a match and carefully light the edges of the paper in the fireplace.’
    • ‘The criminal carefully jams the token slot with a matchbook or a gum wrapper and waits for a would-be rider to plunk a token down.’
    • ‘I had not gone off my habit of collecting matchbooks and matchboxes from places I visited, but sadly, they were not available here.’
    • ‘He had plenty of matchbooks and the like back at his place.’
    • ‘You might think twice about throwing in all of your trade show trinkets, postcards, coupons and matchbooks.’
    • ‘Their cartoon likenesses also appear throughout the mammoth space on signs, cards, matchbooks and dinnerware.’
    • ‘There were even matchbooks with the name of the bride and groom embossed sitting at every table.’
    • ‘Do you have to sift through countless napkins, coasters, and hotel matchbooks?’