Meaning of matchbox in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmatʃbɒks/

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  • 1A small box in which matches are sold, with a striking surface on one side.

    ‘The collection includes a horse so small it was originally sold in a matchbox and an 8ft rocking horse large enough to seat three children at once.’
    • ‘Two computers, about the size of a matchbox, are attached to the side of their parachute to calculate the speed of the descent.’
    • ‘Naturally I thought that he'd have a little box like a snuff box or a matchbox and he'd blow them away as we'd usually seen it done.’
    • ‘They often produce matchboxes or pill bottles with fluff, splinters and other debris that they insist are specimens that they have caught.’
    • ‘I had not gone off my habit of collecting matchbooks and matchboxes from places I visited, but sadly, they were not available here.’
    • ‘Aluminium tins, matchboxes and canteen tables were replaced with sophisticated musical instruments.’
    • ‘The exhibition is a showcase of miniature artwork, with everything from converted matchboxes to sculptures made from bird bones.’
    • ‘Adequate stocks of essential commodities such as rice, maida, wheat, kerosene and matchboxes were kept ready for distribution to people in case of any emergency.’
    • ‘Shot glasses and matchboxes (usually with bar names and addresses which are useful for retracing the previous night's steps) are a favourite.’
    • ‘It turns out that the young woman with the expressionless face of a professional on the catwalk loves cartoons and collecting matchboxes.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the devotees, who assembled well in advance at the appointed places, lit smaller oil lamps using candles and matchboxes.’
    • ‘A small port had been built and colossal barges looking like giant overflowing matchboxes were being towed the short distance down the coast to Korea.’
    • ‘We therefore amassed about 20 matchboxes and stuffed them with caterpillars, hiding them in nooks and crannies of our homes.’
    • ‘Just one peek at cars the size of matchboxes was enough.’
    • ‘Why is it that these places seem more concerned about how they display their designer matchboxes than the gumption level of their staff?’
    • ‘From afar the shanty towns resembled ramshackle collections of matchboxes.’
    • ‘Back in England, Sam learnt that the original matchbox had been retrieved, 20 years after its loss, by a farmhand who had found it while ploughing a field that very morning.’
    • ‘Anyway, I was mooching along Tottenham Court Road at lunchtime, and this store was selling little weeny teeny digital cameras, about the size of a matchbox.’
    • ‘The most obvious was the imbalance in the midfield, with two strong-running centres whose joint creative talent could be kept in a matchbox, along with the matches.’
    • ‘He scrambled through 14 tonnes of waste to find the tiny jewellery case - no bigger than a large matchbox.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Very small.
      ‘her matchbox apartment’
      • ‘They were sprawls of monotonous matchbox houses devoid of color.’
      • ‘It sways in the breeze, and while good-looking, proves to be more of matchbox quality than I had thought.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, most of the houses built in 1980s and early 1990s are the same, which were called matchbox houses.’
      • ‘It's just like when you were a kid and you made your own tracks for your matchbox cars around the house.’
      • ‘I have some matchbox cars left over.’
      • ‘However while the others played together Johnny played by himself with toy airplanes and matchbox cars.’
      • ‘That was a real, heavy metal train carriage, not a matchbox toy.’
      • ‘I'd never visited this side of the ridgeline until just a couple days ago when I saw the village transform from matchbox town to real as I descended on this road.’
      • ‘There's a large number of German iron toy cars from the 1970s and a full set of English matchbox cars, which are now worth thousands of NT dollars each.’
      • ‘And I like to watch the tiny matchbox cars moving down the road and wonder whether the drivers know they're being watched from above.’
      • ‘Oddly, one architect likes to keep his matchbox car collection in his cabinet alongside his vintage shaving gear.’
      • ‘Sooner or later, you'll see the cable car, which looks like a matchbox toy from the valley floor, inching up the grade.’
      • ‘Mine always bought me dolls, even though he knew what I really wanted was those little matchbox cars.’
      • ‘From the air Darwin looks like a matchbox town that has been crushed by a giant foot.’