Meaning of matchstick in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmatʃstɪk/

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  • 1The stem of a match.

    ‘Of course the reviewer was referring to modellers who don't use matches but just matchsticks, small pieces of wood.’
    • ‘They turned off the alarm, and one of them came out with the burned match and packet of matchsticks he had once possessed.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the previous record in this category is a 6.3 feet tall matchstick Eiffel Tower using 15,000 matchsticks.’
    • ‘Sometimes the game is played for matchsticks, the loser of each game taking a matchstick.’
    • ‘Maybe it's actually some kind of pre-midlife crisis, the blogging equivalent of digging a hole in your back garden or building something really complicated out of matchsticks.’
    • ‘Nothing is a waste for him: thorns, matchsticks, spare parts of wristwatches and electronic gadgets and pencils are all raw materials.’
    • ‘Why not make a structure out of matchsticks then?’
    • ‘Several trees snapped and broke apart like matchsticks, and as I climbed my tree, I could only hope that it, too, would not be swept away.’
    • ‘He then sticks matchsticks on it to create a pattern.’
    • ‘Anyone got some eye-propping-open matchsticks I can borrow?’
    • ‘Central London may be a long way away, and the skyscrapers may look more like distant matchsticks, but the astonishing thing is that the City is visible at all.’
    • ‘Somebody get some matchsticks to prop them open, please!’
    • ‘This could include a bun, an egg, five matchsticks, a candle, and half a bottle of drinking water, some tea and some sugar.’
    • ‘Don't allow kids to play with matchsticks and electrical appliances.’
    • ‘They picked at their calloused feet and scraped their teeth with matchsticks.’
    • ‘The relief material includes biscuits, water, candles, matchsticks and bread.’
    • ‘I got in early the next morning and there on my desk were two matchsticks.’
    • ‘Its significance grows as the tree is broken up into smaller components, such as paper or matchsticks.’
    • ‘Normally I carry screws, glue, steel wool, some wooden matchsticks, a multi-tool, some wire, and the binding diagram.’
    • ‘This includes screwdrivers, pliers, paraffin as a degreasing agent, brushes, cloths, matchsticks, light oils, scrubbing brush and washing up liquid.’
    1. 1.1Something likened to a match in being long and thin.
      ‘cut the vegetables into matchsticks’
      • ‘Peel the ginger and slice it thinly, then cut into thin matchsticks.’
      • ‘Slice about half of the cheese thinly then cut each slice in thin matchsticks.’
      • ‘After that, I sliced one clove of garlic and cut about 2 slices of pancetta into thin matchstick strips.’
      • ‘Pinch off a pea - to chickpea-sized piece of dough, and roll it between your palms to form a fat matchstick.’
      • ‘He was clearly distressed and said that three days after the event with the town reduced to matchsticks, very little help had arrived.’
      • ‘Our salad was a large pile of finger-length matchsticks plopped into a small bowl, pieces dangling over the edges.’
      • ‘Wash the zucchini, cut them into 5mm thick ovals, and then cut each oval into thick matchsticks.’
      • ‘Mine was a large piece of pink salmon on a bed of spinach, topped with red and green sauce and matchsticks of courgette.’
      • ‘Schools across the devastated region have been reduced to matchsticks.’
      • ‘It hit a local village, overturning boats and snapping trees like matchsticks.’
      • ‘Peel the carrots and shred them into matchstick pieces and mix them with the beanshoots.’
    2. 1.2British as modifier (of a figure) drawn with short, thin straight lines.
      ‘matchstick men’
      • ‘The council commissioned the sculpture of the world-famous artist who painted matchstick figures who lived in Mottram-in-Longdendale for nearly 30 years.’
      • ‘The artist, legendary for his portraits of Salford's satanic mills and matchstick figures, had a secret hideaway that was very close to his heart.’
      • ‘She enjoys watching transparent matchstick figures float into space.’
      • ‘As she sat up she had an almost transcendental sensation - like her torso was that of a matchstick figure and her head a huge lead balloon which only barely managed to cling to its stalk.’
      • ‘Whether depicting a shiny new shopping mall or an industrial complex, these illustrations are always peopled by rather uniform matchstick men, women and children.’