Meaning of matchy-matchy in English:



  • Very or excessively colour-coordinated.

    • ‘the key to looking stylish is to avoid an outfit that's too matchy-matchy’
    • ‘Think breezy rather than trying too hard to look matchy-matchy.’
    • ‘But their brightly coloured t-shirts adorned with matchy-matchy sequined stretch cord made us think of home-made Halloween costumes you'd planned out with your best friends circa 1993.’
    • ‘For an eclectic look convey an anything-goes spontaneity with pillows that are coordinated but not matchy-matchy.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, they are lovely, but this whole matchy-matchy thing isn't really our style, right Michelle?’
    • ‘But for his final show, Valentino made the bizarre decision that instead of emphasising these modern strengths he would remind people of his 80s matchy-matchy heyday.’
    • ‘We design the home collection so that it doesn't look so matchy-matchy.’
    • ‘As stated above, the key to looking stylish is to avoid wearing an outfit that's too matchy-matchy with colors, styles, or brands.’
    • ‘I love that the Obamas are so matchy-matchy.’
    • ‘Nice matchy-matchy towels, kids!’
    • ‘Or would that make you too matchy-matchy?’
    • ‘Avoid anything that is overtly matchy-matchy and discover the inherent style in quirkiness.’
    • ‘In this one, I had the family wear complementary colors: not too matchy-matchy, but clothes that let you know that this family is connected.’