Meaning of maternalism in English:



See maternal

‘But the safety of their refuge-along with its chance for selfdiscoveries about solitude and community, maternalism and sexuality, childish insouciance and adult responsibility-cannot last forever.’
  • ‘Enlivened by her sunny maternalism and inviting bosom, and concerned for her fatherless offspring, he discovers that he can make them smile and be boys again by joining them in their fantasy world.’
  • ‘It was no small feat to replace faith in common sense maternalism with confidence in genderblind specialization, especially in relation to work that touched such allegedly ordinary, familiar, and private aspects of life.’
  • ‘By negotiating within the confines of the reigning social and political maternalism, it was able to highlight the inconsistent expectations that this ideology placed upon women.’
  • ‘The first, and most predictable, message addressed gender roles and signaled the pre-eminence of piety over power, submission over supremacy, and maternalism over masculinity.’