Meaning of maternity ward in English:

maternity ward


  • A ward in a hospital allocated for the treatment and care of women and babies during pregnancy and childbirth.

    ‘both mother and baby are now recovering at the maternity ward in Tunbridge Wells’
    • ‘Mr Jones said facilities for an X-ray unit or a maternity ward could be added into the scheme quite easily.’
    • ‘A young first-time mother was brought into the maternity ward in very strong labor.’
    • ‘The nurses in the maternity ward do a great job.’
    • ‘The maternity ward at the Naval Hospital is a never a dull place.’
    • ‘The study took place in the maternity ward of one hospital.’
    • ‘She visited the Princess Royal University Hospital's maternity ward to encourage parents to use reusable nappies instead of disposable ones.’
    • ‘The hospital also has a new neonatal and maternity ward.’
    • ‘A busy maternity ward in York District Hospital saw four babies arrive in just over five hours.’
    • ‘Most babies will be screened on the maternity ward, but there are babies who will require a visit to a local clinic.’
    • ‘She was advised to go to the Infirmary due to lack of space on the maternity ward at Bury.’
    • ‘An unexpected increase in the number of births has placed an additional burden on maternity wards.’
    • ‘Services at the hospital's maternity wards were free and they served the city's less well-off women.’
    • ‘It is the biggest and one of the best maternity wards in America.’
    • ‘She gave birth in the Princess Christian Maternity Ward in Freetown, Sierra Leone.’