Meaning of matricula in English:


Pronunciation /məˈtrɪkjʊlə/


  • 1 historical A list or register of people belonging to a university, guild, etc.

  • 2 historical, rare A certificate of enrolment in the register of a university, society, etc. Also (in extended use): an authorization or pass; (now) specifically an identity card.

  • 3 historical In the Holy Roman Empire and its successors: a list of the contributions, usually of money but sometimes also of manpower, etc., required by the imperial authorities from constituent states; (also occasionally) the total amount of this levy. In later use in Spanish colonies: a register of those due to pay tax or tribute; the tax paid by those on this register.


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in Richard Eden (c1520–1576), translator. From post-classical Latin matricula index, catalogue, register of the poor, list, register from classical Latin mātrīc-, mātrīx + -ula.