Meaning of matryoshka in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmatrɪˈɒʃka/

nounplural noun matryoshki/ˌmatrɪˈɒʃki/

(also matryoshka doll)
another term for Russian doll
‘As a whole it resembles the Russian matryoshka doll - layers of complexity which render easy solutions such as plebiscite or partition impracticable and call for a more sophisticated approach.’
  • ‘The space doll - a matryoshka, or traditional Russian nesting doll - is actually a close-to-lifesize head and torso made of soft material to simulate human tissue, with embedded sensors to measure radiation exposure.’
  • ‘Perhaps the best-known lacquered Russian folk art piece is the matryoshka, a series of wooden dolls that nest inside each other.’
  • ‘In form it's a colorful matryoshka doll - a story-within-a-story-within-a-story.’
  • ‘The system works like Russian matryoshka dolls, shells within shells within shells, which in the end can be impenetrable to legal process.’


1940s from Russian matrëshka.