Meaning of mattie in English:



  • A young herring in which the roe or milt is not fully developed, especially one which has been salted or pickled at this stage. Also more generally: any salted or pickled (filleted) herring.



/ˈmati/ /ˈmatʃi/


Early 18th century; earliest use found in Allan Ramsay (1684–1758), poet. Partly from Dutch maatjes, short for maatjesharing (goes to German regional (Low German) Maatjes-hering), alteration of early modern Dutch maetgens haringh, maeghdekens haerinck, Middle Dutch medykens hering, meeckens hering from Middle Dutch māgedekijn girl (from māghet + -kijn, diminutive suffix: compare -kin) + harinc; and partly from the similarly formed German regional (Low German) Madikes-hering (Middle Low German mādikes hērink).