Meaning of matzo ball in English:

matzo ball


  • A small dumpling made of seasoned matzo meal bound together with egg and chicken fat, typically served in chicken soup.

    ‘Schmaltz redeems the matzo ball from being just another dumpling.’
    • ‘Matzo ball soup fueled Hollywood's Golden Age - at the Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer commissary, they served matzo ball soup every single day.’
    • ‘Besides the famous matzo ball, it can be used for crêpes, coffee cakes, blintzes, pudding cakes and torts.’
    • ‘Two days before the 2005 Matzo Ball Eating Championship, Eric examines a matzo ball like a jeweler assessing a diamond.’
    • ‘The shrimp balls consisted of finely chopped shrimp in a doughy batter, and the result was uncannily like a matzo ball, only smaller, firmer and shrimp-flavoured.’
    • ‘Theirs was a full-on meal, complete with matzo ball soup, fresh-baked turkey, mashed potatoes with bacons and scallion, and dandelions decorating the salad.’
    • ‘He wasn't even a protester - just a city resident who went out to a deli for some matzo ball soup and innocently walked into a police dragnet that was indiscriminately scooping up hundreds of people.’
    • ‘It's kind of cute, but when you are hungry and have been telling the Pesach tale for over half an hour all you want to do is eat that matzo ball soup waiting in the kitchen.’
    • ‘I laugh at the thought of matzo ball soup warming on the convent kitchen stove.’
    • ‘Grandma Ida fusses obsessively over dishes as consecrated as any Divine law: matzo balls, sweetest carrot tzimmes, potato kugel, the lightest sponge cake.’
    • ‘I watched through the window as the matzo balls were served with a spoon, one by one, into the chicken soup.’
    • ‘Those matzo balls are good, the broth thick with vegetables, but is there a Jewish bubbe that ever used this little fat?’
    • ‘It helps that Allison is currently in the kitchen cooking us a vegetarian Seder meal (eggplant and caraway omelette, garlic braised fennel, matzo balls in mushroom broth, and who knows what else).’
    • ‘If you're planning on ordering more food, you definitely don't want to fill up on soup, but at the same time I think it should have at least two matzo balls.’