Meaning of maximizer in English:



(also British maximiser)

See maximize

‘This seems reasonable but I just don't think that it works in a world of human beings who are not perfectly rational value maximisers.’
  • ‘But what it is useful for is adding more evidence to the growing pile that suggests that humans are not rational utility maximisers, as presupposed by economists; and pointing out that unfairness makes people unhappy.’
  • ‘Rational choice theory views actors as rational insofar as they act instrumentally, are utility maximizers, possess stable and exogenous preferences, and are self-interested.’
  • ‘Most people are not like those portrayed on television and the movies - ruthless self-seeking maximizers of their own advantage who don't care about anyone else.’
  • ‘In theoretical terms, the Commission seemed not to be a competence maximizer, but rather a bureau-shaper which sought new tasks only up to an internal optimum level at which efficient performance was possible.’