Meaning of maximum sustainable yield in English:

maximum sustainable yield


(also MSY)
mass noun
  • 1(especially in forestry and fisheries) the maximum level at which a natural resource can be routinely exploited without long-term depletion.

    ‘At the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development last year, 192 Nations called on the global community to restore world fisheries stocks to levels that can provide maximum sustainable yield by 2015.’
    • ‘Management of whales and fish have usually been based on the concept of maximum sustainable yield, even though the resource managers never had any evidence that natural populations behaved this way.’
    • ‘Mussels are widely cultivated, and stocks are generally considered to be well above maximum sustainable yield.’
    • ‘Almost without exception, however, councils have focused on extracting the maximum sustainable yield to the exclusion of all other considerations.’
    • ‘Others might dispute the maximum sustainable yield.’
    1. 1.1Ecology The size of a natural population at which it produces a maximum rate of increase, typically at half the carrying capacity.
      • ‘Archived fishing records indicate that most fish stocks now lie well below the size that would produce maximum sustainable yield.’