Meaning of may've in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmeɪəv/


  • May have.

    • ‘I may've irked other patrons by giggling’
    • ‘They're always trying to blame it on Bacon, but it may've been Hathaway all along.’
    • ‘The fog in the valley may've kept them indoors.’
    • ‘They may've been drugged or hypnotized.’
    • ‘I mention the latter at the risk of losing any street cred I may've had.’
    • ‘Now the downside to this, as you may've noticed, is you can have some false starts.’
    • ‘I can only hope that I've told all these stories in a way that allows people to maybe go out and listen to some music that they may've otherwise ignored.’
    • ‘You may've heard the saying 'handsome is as handsome does'.’
    • ‘I may've changed how I look on the outside but it didn't really change how I felt inside.’
    • ‘Either way – whatever the reason may've been – someone tried the door.’
    • ‘She may've come in here on Tuesday.’
    • ‘The creatures stopped and stood in a half-circle, cutting off any hope I may've had of escape.’