Meaning of mayorship in English:



See mayor

‘But his reaction to these provocative acts is being closely scrutinised by the city's secular population, who fear his mayorship, which began on June 3, will lead to a theocratic agenda that threatens to curb their day-to-day activities.’
  • ‘It was known that in the final hours of his mayorship, he had generously offered to have New York taxpayers pony up $800 million to build new stadiums for both of the baseball teams, but this had not been a binding deal.’
  • ‘During the 4-1/2 years of my mayorship, we never implemented these separations that you are referring to.’
  • ‘Confusion reigned yesterday whether his membership of the party - and therefore his mayorship - could be terminated before he appealed against the decision.’
  • ‘He is a magistrate by virtue of his late mayorship.’