Meaning of mazarine blue in English:

mazarine blue

Pronunciation /ˌmazəriːn ˈbluː/


  • A migratory blue butterfly of Eurasian meadows.

    Cyaniris semiargus, family Lycaenidae


Late 17th century (as mazarine, adjective, in the sense ‘of a deep blue colour’): apparently from the name of the Duchesse de Mazarin, though the connection is unknown. The word is not attested in these senses in French, suggesting that it is more probably from the name of the Duchesse, a French courtier, author, and wit who played a prominent part in fashionable English society from 1675 to her death in 1699 (she was a mistress of Charles II), than from that of her uncle Cardinal Mazarin (see Mazarin, Jules).