Meaning of McJob in English:


Pronunciation /məkˈdʒɒb/


  • A low-paid job with few prospects.

    ‘while trying to get established, she worked in the usual series of no-hope McJobs’
    • ‘Incidentally, I think that Webster's has it wrong; a McJob isn't just a low-paid dead-end job.’
    • ‘Slightly disappointing, I'd have liked the hike in pay and the new location, but on the flip side, the job would have been a McJob.’
    • ‘Bagging groceries for the elderly, scrubbing dishes at pizzerias or flipping greasy burgers at a McJob is about as glamorous as employment gets for most 16 year olds.’
    • ‘There's not one mention of a slacker or a McJob anywhere.’
    • ‘If you aspire to a McJob, you will receive McWages, and there is nothing for it.’
    • ‘Furthermore a McJob provides for many the first step into much more exciting work.’
    • ‘Many expected that North American would be reduced to a McJobs economy buying the output of sweatshops located in Far-East dictatorships.’
    • ‘I lived on the dole, and I wanted a McJob so I could buy the stuff other people had, because it would make me happy.’


1980s from McDonald's, a chain of fast food restaurants, + job, with allusion to the company’s practice of using Mc- in its proprietary product names.