Meaning of meanie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmiːni/

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nounplural noun meanies

(also meany)
  • A mean or small-minded person.

    • ‘dole-office meanies’
    • ‘he was no meanie when it came to transport’
    • ‘For you see, if it was I may just have to run to Eros and inform him of what a big meany his girlfriend is.’
    • ‘Time to take down those nasty greenie meanies.’
    • ‘There's some meanies trying to get into the bridge while their buddies here distract you guys!’
    • ‘How are you going to escape with all those greenie meanies around?’
    • ‘Why don't they punish those meanies for being so mean?’
    • ‘Now it's up to Julie to suit up and take on these meanies and figure out exactly what's going on.’
    • ‘It just so happened that I had the talent to win at another level instead of being the meanie on the tennis court.’
    • ‘I mean you doubted me, you got yourself caught by the biggest meanie in the world.’
    • ‘Devon's so cool, but he can really be a total meanie.’
    • ‘Yes Chloe is a meanie, but she'll come around eventually.’
    • ‘His muffled voice chimed, ‘just because you're the birthday girl doesn't mean that you can be a meanie.’’
    • ‘She seems a little shy, like maybe the ‘nice’ popular girl, as opposed to Jo, who's pretty much a big meanie.’
    • ‘I feel like a meanie singling out one film as the most outstanding for me this year, so I'll do the fairest thing possible and say it's a dead heat.’
    • ‘He was sort of this big, imposing, slightly pudgy guy who often played a meanie.’
    • ‘Well, mommy always said that I was one in a million, so there, you meany.’
    • ‘Even Nora was laughing too, and Justin, that meany, was quietly chuckling behind me.’
    • ‘He's been a real, err, meanie for the last couple months and hasn't let me have any space.’
    • ‘‘Ow, meanie,’ Jason pouted before lounging on the sofa in her place.’
    • ‘‘Your turn, you big meanie,’ he yelled, splashing Storm with the icy water.’
    • ‘Allow me to come up with the bright ideas for once, you meanie.’
    penny-pincher, pinchpenny, niggard, cheese-parer, Scrooge