Meaning of measure one's words in English:

measure one's words


  • Consider carefully what one says.

    ‘I had better measure my words so as not to embarrass anyone’
    • ‘He measures his words carefully as he turns the hide over in his hands.’
    • ‘What a difference it would make if we measured our words more carefully.’
    • ‘Today I shall try to measure my words very carefully.’
    • ‘He pauses again, measuring his words, trying to find the ones that fit.’
    • ‘He measured his words, trying to control his anger.’
    • ‘No longer, then, do we call upon the great books or teachings of western culture to measure our words or gauge our actions.’
    • ‘‘You have been very,’ Kale paused, measuring his words.’
    • ‘Shara saw Deidre looking at her strangely, as if measuring her words for duplicity.’
    • ‘He knew he'd need to take care to measure his words with this man.’
    • ‘‘I have tickets to the new musical at the Melbourne Theater, unless you don't like musicals,’ Darla babbled, trying to measure her words.’