Meaning of meat cleaver in English:

meat cleaver


  • A tool with a heavy, broad blade, used for chopping meat.

    ‘police are searching for carjackers who threatened a motorist with a meat cleaver’
    • ‘We know that he was armed with a meat cleaver.’
    • ‘Other weapons, including knives and meat cleavers, were discovered at the scene.’
    • ‘The brawl involved more than 50 men armed with meat cleavers.’
    • ‘A bloodstained meat cleaver was found discarded in the street.’
    • ‘A man wielding a meat cleaver stole money that staff were attempting to deposit at the bank.’
    • ‘She had been stabbed multiple times with knives and a meat cleaver.’
    • ‘A pensioner was being treated in hospital today after being attacked with a meat cleaver as he walked his dog last night.’
    • ‘Robbers used guns and a meat cleaver to hold up two businesses.’
    • ‘He ran back to the restaurant and fetched a meat cleaver.’
    • ‘With the back of a meat cleaver crack open the bone encasing the marrow (the butcher can do this for you).’
    • ‘She pulled out the meat cleaver and carefully ran her finger across the lethal blade.’
    • ‘The man held the meat cleaver to the terrified shopkeeper's throat and demanded money.’
    • ‘Use a meat cleaver to cut the pumpkin into half.’