Meaning of meat grinder in English:

meat grinder


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  • 1North American A machine for mincing meat.

    • ‘They also include parts for Ms. Kalman's friends and family, who will make ‘little gentle noises’ through amplified kitchen utensils (vintage eggbeaters and meat grinders) and a set of dice shaken in a bowl.’
    1. 1.1A destructive action or process.
      ‘hockey was put through a meat grinder in the Barcelona preliminaries’
      • ‘The development process can only be described as a meat grinder.’
      • ‘Our goal with the enemy NPCs was to recapture the sense you get when watching a bunch of troops charge into a meat grinder of hostile fire.’
      • ‘Not surprisingly, he'd been through the interview meat grinder before.’
      • ‘Reinforcements arrive continuously and are quickly thrown into the meat grinder.’
      • ‘The insurgency has become a meat grinder, but bugging out would mean total defeat.’