Meaning of meatus in English:


Pronunciation /mɪˈeɪtəs/

nounplural noun meatus, plural noun meatuses

  • 1Anatomy
    A passage or opening leading to the interior of the body.

    • ‘the urethral meatus’
    1. 1.1The passage leading into the ear.
      ‘These may extend to the nasopharynx and they commonly terminate in the area of the external auditory meatus.’
      • ‘The glands that produce ear ‘wax’ or cerumen are located in the external auditory meatus.’
      • ‘The apocrine sweat glands are confined to the axillae, areolae of the nipples, the anogenital area, and the external auditory meatus.’
      • ‘This includes the pinna on the side of the head and the external auditory meatus, or ear canal, which terminates at the eardrum.’
      • ‘The external auditory meatus runs as a bony tube to the side of the tympanohyal we cannot see on the left-hand picture.’


Late Middle English from Latin, ‘passage’ from meare ‘to flow, run’.