Meaning of mech in English:


Pronunciation /mɛk/


  • 1A mechanic.

    • ‘The mechs installed two new engines before the next flight, and, for safety reasons, we ordered the two removed engines not to be installed together on the same aircraft again.’
    • ‘The mechs replaced both flight-control computers and both stab actuators, which we submitted for an engineering investigation.’
    • ‘When we walked to the jet, the mechs had the starboard engine-bay door open and were replacing bleed-air ducts.’
    • ‘Before he went to work, the mechs removed the engine side panel.’
    • ‘We discussed our options with the crew, then the CAPC decided to taxi back to the line with the engine running and let our mechs have a look at the problem.’
    • ‘With all three mechs now using brute strength to avoid a collision between engine and airframe, I called out as loud as I could for help.’
    • ‘The cause of the drop in control-boost pressure was never isolated, but mechs suspected it was related to the No.1 AFCS failure.’
  • 2mainly British A derailleur gear mechanism on a bicycle.

    • ‘The rear mech attaches onto the axle making for a super stiff and ‘out of the way’ setup with no hangers to snap off.’
    • ‘It looked like he didn't properly fix the mech as on the final run it jammed and I couldn't pedal.’
    • ‘The back wheel sounds like a baby's rattle and the mechs have been slowly rotting for a while now.’
    • ‘Then I discovered that the front mech was a bit past fixing, as the main spring had gone and it's not a user-serviceable part.’