Meaning of mecha in English:


nounmecha, mechas

  • (in anime, manga, etc.) a large armoured robot, typically controlled by a person riding inside the robot itself.

    ‘I loved the design of the giant mecha, and how it was integrated into the look of the show’
    as modifier ‘a series of mecha battles that are action-packed’
    • ‘They got to work on a revised finale, this time offering mainstream audiences all the mecha action they demanded.’
    • ‘A team of ace pilots in convertible mecha take to the skies in order to save the world.’
    • ‘The mecha action is really secondary to the show.’
    • ‘In between the jokes, there is plenty of space battle action, liberally peppered with clean CG mecha.’
    • ‘Mecha fans should enjoy its fusion of formula elements with classic American hard SF.’
    • ‘After a good half-minute of character development, our heroes cart out their mecha for some soporific combat.’
    • ‘Most of the inexperienced pilots controlling the mecha are killed.’
    • ‘Flanking the forward bulge of the mecha are two 40 mm, liquid-cooled auto-cannons, effective against small targets, such as tanks and APCs.’
    • ‘The biggest problem is the mechas, which stick out like sore thumbs from the rest of the animation.’
    • ‘Earth is repeatedly attacked by the Mimetic Beasts, leaving Goh and Anna to defend it in their battle mechas.’


1980s Japanese meka, shortened from mekanizumu ‘mechanism’, mekanikaru ‘mechanical’, etc.