Meaning of mechanist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛk(ə)nɪst/


  • 1Philosophy
    A person who believes in the doctrine of mechanism.

    ‘Although, unlike most of his fashionable contemporaries and immediate successors, Descartes was not an atomist, he was, like the others, a mechanist about the properties of matter.’
    • ‘For Descartes, and other mechanists who followed after him, the healthy body was nothing more than a well-functioning machine, soulless and subject to chemical and mechanical remedies.’
    • ‘But in the second half of the century both neoplatonists and mechanists usually promoted more practical projects.’
    • ‘It was as alien to the Greeks as it was commonplace to the mechanists that one should seek to interfere with nature.’
    • ‘Newton was no mechanist and didn't see the universe as a smooth-running machine.’
  • 2 archaic A person skilled in the design or construction of machinery.

    • ‘Huygens was the greatest mechanist of the seventeenth century.’