Meaning of media blitz in English:

media blitz


  • A campaign of intense coverage in the media for the purpose of advertising or publicity.

    • ‘the government has launched a media blitz to allay fears’
    • ‘Authorities launched billboard campaigns and media blitzes throughout the United States and Europe.’
    • ‘He continued his media blitz in the Wall Street Journal.’
    • ‘Despite a media blitz by the banks, the initiative passed by almost a two-to-one margin.’
    • ‘The company launched a media blitz to clean up its public image.’
    • ‘I asked his wife how she felt about the media blitz surrounding her husband.’
    • ‘This grass-roots campaign, conducted in a high profile media blitz, put still more pressure on Republican politicians.’
    • ‘The recent media blitz on the negative effects of conventional hormone replacement therapy has, understandably, fostered reactions from bewilderment to outrage.’
    • ‘The media blitz that followed the event was relentless.’
    • ‘They will meet fans and gives a series of TV, radio and Press interviews in an intensive media blitz around London.’
    • ‘The Latham media blitz has been phenomenal.’
    • ‘They are on a media blitz.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, there was a media blitz outlining the terms of reference of the commission and inviting suggestions from the public.’
    • ‘Consistent with the media blitz around crack cocaine, over half considered crack cocaine to be the biggest drug problem.’