Meaning of media circus in English:

media circus

nounplural noun media circuses

  • A period of frenetic media coverage of an event or person.

    • ‘the case rapidly became a media circus’
    • ‘the media circus which greeted each new film was something both found overwhelming’
    • ‘The significance of his appearance at the inquiry should not be lost in the media circus surrounding it.’
    • ‘There have been concerns about creating a media circus in Austin, where the indictment was brought.’
    • ‘Well, you know that media circus all too well.’
    • ‘We're seeing a media circus right now.’
    • ‘The trial may be months away, but the media circus is already in full swing.’
    • ‘The case rapidly became a media circus.’
    • ‘TV crews from as far away as Japan joined the media circus on the cliff top.’
    • ‘The media circus and chaos around him is part of a wider parable on the morals of the music industry.’
    • ‘The televised US murder trials are cited as examples of how court cases have turned into media circuses.’
    • ‘The trial is a big media circus in Europe.’
    • ‘They are struggling to protect their son from the media circus.’
    • ‘They are losing patience with the media circus that has engulfed them over the past week.’