Meaning of mediastinum in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmiːdɪəˈstʌɪnəm/

nounplural noun mediastina/ˌmiːdɪəˈstʌɪnə/

  • A membranous partition between two body cavities or two parts of an organ, especially that between the lungs.

    ‘The tumor, which is often but not always associated with cystic lung lesions, may arise in pulmonary parenchyma, the mediastinum, and pleura.’
    • ‘On the lateral radiograph there appeared to be herniation of the left lung through the anterior mediastinum.’
    • ‘The left main bronchus was exposed at the posterior mediastinum and separated from connective tissue.’
    • ‘A peritoneal sac protrudes through the hiatus into the mediastinum next to the esophagus.’
    • ‘The most common sites of tumor metastases are the lymph nodes in the mediastinum.’


Late Middle English neuter of medieval Latin mediastinus ‘medial’, based on Latin medius ‘middle’.