Meaning of medical advice in English:

medical advice


mass noun
  • Guidance or recommendations from a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional regarding a person's health or fitness.

    ‘seek medical advice in the event of further symptoms’
    • ‘Women should seek medical advice about persistently heavy periods.’
    • ‘It is a good idea to seek proper medical advice to determine the underlying cause.’
    • ‘Once the decision is made to get medical advice, start with the family doctor.’
    • ‘If someone is bitten by a kiwi they should thoroughly cleanse the wound using alcohol and seek immediate medical advice.’
    • ‘When he finally sought medical advice, it was too late: the leg had to be amputated above the knee.’
    • ‘He ignored medical advice that he should have the finger amputated or his life might be endangered.’
    • ‘If your baby is unwell, seek medical advice straight away.’
    • ‘It is much better to get medical advice than to put yourself or your baby in danger.’
    • ‘Against all medical advice they had two beautiful daughters.’
    • ‘Conventional medical advice didn't help, so she went to see a local naturopath for a more holistic approach.’
    • ‘The clinic's own Web site offers a wealth of free medical advice.’
    • ‘The mother had not followed the medical advice, and he thinks it needs investigation.’
    • ‘Pharmacists provided medical advice and treated minor problems.’
    • ‘He withdrew from the squad yesterday on medical advice because of a neck and shoulder injury.’
    • ‘He has continued to suffer problems with his vision and finally made the tough decision to quit on medical advice.’