Meaning of medical emergency in English:

medical emergency

nounplural noun medical emergencies

  • A serious and unexpected situation involving illness or injury and requiring immediate action.

    ‘in a medical emergency, always call 999 for an ambulance’
    • ‘What constitutes a medical emergency?’
    • ‘In some cases, blood pressure rises so quickly and severely that it constitutes a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment, often with hospitalization.’
    • ‘The public health initiative will help schools prepare to handle life-threatening medical emergencies.’
    • ‘Firefighters trained to respond to medical emergencies were available eight blocks away.’
    • ‘Dozens of emergency vehicles were dispatched to a medical emergency at about 10:45 a.m.’
    • ‘This three-day workshop will teach participants how to deal with medical emergencies when 911 is not available.’
    • ‘Should a medical emergency arise, at any time, phone this number for details of the doctor contactable for emergencies.’
    • ‘About three quarters of in-flight medical emergencies are managed by cabin crew.’
    • ‘Response time to life-threatening medical emergencies improved by 6 seconds to an average of 5 minutes and 43 seconds in fiscal 2007.’
    • ‘She knew how to deal with medical emergencies, deliver babies, and set broken bones.’
    • ‘We gradually introduced the medical emergency team into the hospital from 1997.’
    • ‘Minutes later, a medical emergency team pronounced him dead at the scene.’
    • ‘We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping the 999 number free for genuine medical emergencies.’