Meaning of medical ethics in English:

medical ethics

plural noun

treated as singular or plural
  • Moral principles that govern the practice of medicine.

    ‘here medical ethics are unambiguous: the mother comes first’
    • ‘medical ethics is part of the core of medical education’
    • ‘These principles of medical ethics are not without their critics.’
    • ‘A discussion of common medical ethics topics for clinical readers can be found in the Canadian Medical Association Journal's series on bioethics for clinicians.’
    • ‘The larger issue is one of medical ethics.’
    • ‘The advocates typically have medical training and are experienced in end-of-life issues and medical ethics.’
    • ‘We need greater academic insight into such areas as medical ethics.’
    • ‘The medical ethics committee should report on the issues surrounding the circumcision of male children for whom there is no valid medical indication.’
    • ‘The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 provides an interesting example of an attempt to provide a coherent, sensitive, and flexible approach to resolving difficult issues of medical ethics.’
    • ‘These violations concerned basic principles of medical ethics.’
    • ‘He shared his knowledge of medical ethics and made an important contribution towards building academic chairs in other parts of the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Non-consensual data sharing is contrary to medical ethics and appears to violate the European Convention on Human Rights.’
    • ‘She is a lecturer in medical ethics at Imperial College, London.’
    • ‘He is professor of medical ethics and has been a member of the Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust clinical ethics committee since it was first established in 1995.’