Meaning of medical school in English:

medical school

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  • A faculty of a university in which medicine is studied.

    ‘physicians receive very little training in medical school about sleep’
    • ‘Eric is attending medical school at Howard University.’
    • ‘Now 27, he is entering medical school in the fall.’
    • ‘Recently, a medical school was opened in Blantyre.’
    • ‘In 1864 he enrolled at Harvard's Medical School.’
    • ‘The establishment of the Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore in 1893 provided a new model.’
    • ‘In the late 1800s a modern hospital and medical school were established in Shanghai.’
    • ‘After finishing medical school he worked as a locum in Greymouth.’
    • ‘She attended the University of Iowa, where she completed medical school in 1994.’
    • ‘A new medical school curriculum, the first of its kind, will prepare physicians to take advantage of advances in the behavioral sciences.’
    • ‘Medical school graduates are struggling to find jobs in hospitals.’
    • ‘Today, almost half of medical school admissions are women.’
    • ‘John is now retired from the Temple University medical school faculty.’