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medical science

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mass noun
  • 1The branch of science concerned with the study of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

    ‘thanks to advances in hygiene and medical science, life expectancy has been just about doubled’
    • ‘Let me give you an example from our own work of how this new systematic knowledge can rapidly advance medical science.’
    • ‘Modern medical science doesn't have the answer.’
    • ‘Advances in medical science have created vastly improved survival rates for severely disabled babies.’
    • ‘With advances in medical science, it is not inconceivable that life expectancy could improve further.’
    • ‘His contribution to medical science has been so exceptional that he has become a legend in his own lifetime.’
    • ‘The adoption of modern Western medical science and technology on a massive scale has had a dramatic impact.’
    • ‘Exciting progress is at last being made by medical science in developing effective treatments.’
    • ‘Every advance in medical science, from organ transplants to life support systems, has been questioned on ethical grounds.’
    • ‘It was an interesting development in medical science.’
    • ‘The half century between the Civil War and World War I saw astounding progress in medical science.’
    • ‘He was studying medical science at Luton University.’
    • ‘He was interested in many other branches of medical science.’
    1. 1.1medical sciencesThe various branches of medical science, e.g. anatomy and immunology.
      ‘all healthcare practitioners should receive a core education of biology and medical sciences’
      • ‘The research approach of modern medical sciences can help us in the interpretation of TCM theory.’
      • ‘The company was formed in 1994 to promote basic and applied research in medical sciences and biotechnology.’
      • ‘Although extensively trained in basic medical sciences, they did not claim the wider competence of conventionally trained doctors.’
      • ‘In the meantime Malawi would develop training facilities for its own basic medical sciences programme.’
      • ‘The spirit of enquiry and research atrophied and there was little by way of meaningful contribution to the medical sciences.’
      • ‘Their intimate knowledge of plants, birds and other creatures of the tropical jungle could help advances in medical sciences.’
      • ‘Today, social and medical sciences have provided a great deal of knowledge about when and how drug use can be dangerous, and when it is not.’
      • ‘This is a study of the book trade in relation to the medical sciences.’
      • ‘In 1968 he became a doctor of medical sciences and in 1970 a professor.’
      • ‘In 1969 he moved to Wellcome Research Laboratories, where he was director of medical sciences until he retired.’
      • ‘He graduated in medical sciences from Buenos Aires University in 1954.’